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We are very fortunate to have an enthusiastic and dedicated team of volunteers who keep the Citizens Advice Service running for the benefit of the local community. 

Our General Advice Service currently has 22 fully trained volunteers, who deal with a wide variety of subjects either on the phone or face-to-face. We recruit annually for this interesting and rewarding role. Please click here for further information on this role.

Our Money Advice Service is run by a further 3 trained volunteers, who see clients on an appointments basis. Details on this role can be found here.

There is a band of Administration volunteers who assist with Research & Campaign, Quality Control, Book-keeping, IT and clerical tasks.

We also have a Management Committee with 9 members who ensure good governance, long-term planning and funding.

Whatever skills you have or time you can offer, we could introduce you to the rewarding world of volunteering. Please email us on volunteer@citizensadvice.org.gg for further information on any of these roles.  

View our volunteering video HERE.